Back in high school, our campus library had a few magazine subscriptions and newspapers available for students to peruse. This part of the library was one of my favourites, I used to go in every 3-4 weeks and check out what new magazine editions were available for the upcoming month. The magazines I enjoyed most reading were the computer magazines and of course the motoring ones – I believe Wheels was the only one our school subscribed to, but I enjoyed reading it nonetheless.

I recall one of the computer magazines that I was reading in around 1997 or so, had an article about a new Toshiba laptop. I can’t recall the magazine title, as there were a few at school; some of them were Aussie mags like Australian Personal Computer, while we would’ve (could’ve?) had some international titles like PC Mag or PC World. Anyway, I can’t remember which magazine it was, but one day I was flicking through and saw a news snippet with an announcement of this peculiar looking laptop, complete with picture. All the aspect ratios of all the componentry of this laptop were to my eyes, incorrect. Why are the sizes of the keys on the keyboard all wrong? The screen dimensions look ill-fitting to the size of the laptop lid. Why is there a mouse pointer on the screen and not on the arm rest / top deck? And there didn’t seem to be any floppy drives, something that was very common with laptops back in those days.
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