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What ticks me off about OSX & culture

This might come across as a angry little Mac fanboy venting, but I was wondering today what aspects of OSX and/or its culture that tick you off. We talk about what’s great about OSX all the time (and in my opinion, there are heaps of HUGE plusses), but I can easily come up with a few points myself:

1) People referring to the Mac platform as all caps in writing (“I have a problem with my MAC”) — it’s Mac, einstein! Get it right.

2) Those Get a Mac ads — c’mon guys, enough with the baby music in the background and the “jibes” at MS. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses

3) The flip-flopping of Apple that happens sometimes. One recent one is the removal, then re-addition of Firewire on the MacBook (now MacBook Pro) platform.

4) Apple taking its sweet time releasing updates to some software. Like Java updates to 1.6, for example.

5) Related to (3), but the gradual removal of features. Like using your iPhone as a drive (I used to do this all the time with my iPod)

6) Tech reporters, especially from the US, that rubbish an entire platform like the iPhone because it doesn’t have a feature like MMS in the US. Hey, there’s a place called the rest of the world that MMS and other features work fine, guys!

7) People who have used a Mac only once ever in their lives, which was in 1987, and will never, while their hearts are still beating, ever touch another Mac again, considering them some sort of Fisher-Price toy that couldn’t ever do any serious work, ever. Welcome to 2009, try a Mac before you spew out your bigotry. Related to this is how some people still think a Mac comes with a one-button mouse out of the box, which automatically makes the entire platform invalid and broken, in their eyes.

8) Mac fanboys who think they’re invincible and click on links, view attachments, visit dubious websites and think that they’ll never get into trouble with viruses or malware. That day will come, one day. And you’ll be screwed.

9) People who take advantage of the no serial number policy of Apple when it comes to OSX and just pirate the software. Snow Leopard is only forty freaking dollars — don’t be a tight arse.

10) MS users who rubbish any major 10.x.0 OS X upgrade as just a service pack. Uh… no. They’re paid upgrades, and are worth as much IMO. Funnily enough, the “paid service pack” philosophy that they poo-pooh so often is perfectly acceptable when Microsoft do it for Windows Vista (version 6.0.6002) upgrades to Windows 7 (version 6.1.7600). Here’s the proof of the version numbers. Talk about double standards.

What aspects of OSX, its culture, or its perceptions from outsiders tick you off?